Chromed Out: 2085

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Chromed Out: 2085 was the first iteration of Chromed Out, and the first server we ran, as Community85. It ran from about October of 2018 - September of 2019.


In the year 2085, sweeping new reforms come to the 30-year old country of The Pacific States of Cascadia, which sees the implementation of a net worth-based means of dividing the country into four zones.

Zone 1 was the poorest zone, and served a dual purpose of a massive detention facility/back-end for all the technological implementations within the countries "UrbSPRAWLs," whereas Zone 2 was the major, general population area, and Zone 4 was reserved for the exclusively rich, and wealthy.

This iteration saw the implementation of various strict, authoritarian laws in terms of how Synthetics were treated, and generally followed the playerbase as they navigated this strange new world, becoming entangled within a conspiracy wherein a local Yakuza Group use their power to war with the Russian Mafia. So much so that while deliberately attacking a Chinese weaponry facility in the Gobi Desert, a small-scale, nuclear destructive device is detonated by the team, causing the attention of the entire world to focus in on the situation, which is then blamed upon the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. A move that isn't necessarily believed by most peoples.

Said event immediately attracts the attention of a majority of the world's intelligence agencies, various UN groups, and security councils in an attempt to investigate and get a grasp of the situation.

Alongside this, The Triumvirate is introduced - an enormous, enigmatic, seemingly inhuman conglomerate that controls the entirety of The Cascadia, by way of replacing the concept of citizenship, with code of contract, for 'Employs,' citizens under The Triumvirate.

As the English BECRF (British Expeditionary and Colony Reclamation Force) is introduced, the Employs of Cascadia find themselves slowly becoming processed into an extra-judicial plot to target various instances of English attempts to attack within the confines of Cascadia - alongside a very hush-hush force known as CASDEFOPS or CDO, a self-defensive force that starts to slowly be used less for self-defense, and more for speculative preemptive measures.

As terrorist attacks both international and domestic ramp up in relation to the Cascadian operations, the Employs must contend with the very real fact that most of the UrbSPRAWLS, or the cities in which they live, are built directly on top of slowly crumbling infrastructure, left from the period of time where the USA begins to dissolve, and breaks apart - and find themselves further at risk for an almost non-stop threat of natural disasters, climate change, and the impending doom of a massive blazing hellfire, that has encapsulated all of what was once Baja California - causing the desert of what was once Nevada, (modern day Deseret) to become outright uninhabitable.

With all of these problems looming, the Employs learn exactly just how massive, inhuman, and sinister the monolithic, concrete, stagnant presence of The Triumvirate truly is.