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NOTE: This article is written within the scope of Chromed Out 2, and is subject to change, as the story progresses, and as times change.

A corporation is an organization—usually a group of people or a company—authorized by the state to act as a single entity and recognized as such in law for certain purposes. Early incorporated entities were established by charter. Most jurisdictions now allow the creation of new corporations through registration.

List of Playable Corporations

These corporations appear in the Chromed Out 2: Shibuya Meltdown game and are joinable by players.

List of Semi-Playable Corporations

These corporations exist within Chromed Out, and aren't necessarily an immediately joinable faction, but at times you will work with/alongside/for them, sometimes specific characters may hold a position with them, for story-lore purposes, and sometimes these corporations will take on a small amount of people, for campaign-related purposes, or specific services management.

List of Non-Player Corporations

These corporations largely exist as specifically, only for lore, or for story progression purposes, they are non-accessible, typically.