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An UrbSprawl, or just Sprawl, is the general term for the major megacities that exist, within countries that are actively begin governed by The Triumvirate.

Within the Sprawls, everything is far more packed-together. City infrastructure not only exists physically, but also in CyberSpace, hosted via the SprawlNET.

Conditions are not exactly great. However, these are created as a means of governing in the current age, where the world is incredibly unsafe.

While these cities are not actively safe themselves, they are safer than living in a warzone.

Cutthroat, free-market capitalism runs the show, here.


UrbSprawls are typically headed up by either The Triumvirate, operating from a Shard, or they are functional with a transitional government, in some of the newer cities.

In each Sprawl, there is normally a period of time where The Triumvirate is still actively integrating into the country, and thus, remnants of the prior government may be around for an extended period of time, while The Triumvirate begins to take things over, via rapid privatization, and other means of setting things up to work the way that they actively govern.

The Triumvirate does not actively govern the individual. Instead, they govern TriConglomerates, which are groupings of similar-industry Corps, and MegaCorps. These typically exist in groups of 3 Corps/MegaCorps.

They govern TriConglomerates, which then in turn govern the corps. The corps then govern the individuals.

This is how the Employ system functions - all citizens are either:

  • Employ in Good Standing (EGS)
    • An employed individual that actively works for a corp, which is within a TriConglomerate, which is governed under The Triumvirate.
  • Employ in Bad Standing (EBS)
    • Not always necessarily a bad thing, despite the name. An employed individual that actively works for some sort of business/corp which isn't actively a part of a TriConglomerate, which is governed under The Triumvirate.
  • Leech
    • An individual who is not employed, whatsoever. Sometimes, solos, freelancers, and various other individual are considered to be Leeches.

It should be noted that generally speaking, individuals do not experience major quality-of-life changes depending on their Employ status. Sometimes, there may be some various benefits awarded to an EGS, but it is not actively something that has any sort of major determination on the direction of the life of a citizen within a Sprawl.

List of UrbSprawls