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Welcome to ChromeLore - the Lorebook for all things within the Chromed Out universe.

Chromed Out is Community85's major, and main project, a very custom, feature-driven, player-driven social Cyberpunk Roleplaying server hosted on Garry's Mod, using the source engine.

Feel free to add a page for your characters, corporations, player-based-groups, or anything that is canonical within the Chromed Out universe. If you're not sure if something is Canonical, feel free to ask Denim or a member of staff.

If you'd like to add in a page for a corporation that might not be a player-based-group in-game, feel free to do that as well, for world-building purposes.

Getting Started With Lore

To quickly get a feel for the lore, we'd recommend starting out with the Timeline.

Additionally, if you'd like a more curated experience, you could check out the Chromed Out Lore for Dummies article, which explains the history of the world from the 1940s to 2087.


Player Characters are listed at this link.

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