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Antares Defense Solutions is a playable security corporation in Chromed Out 2: Shibuya Meltdown that specializes in crisis response, disaster relief, and heavy equipment usage.

Lore Summary

        AntaresCorp was co-founded by entrepreneur brothers Johann and Tobias Müller in the year 2039. The institution was established in response to a rapidly-growing need for security in the southern Yukon territories. A small company with the people’s safety and interest in mind, Antares employed over ten thousand members at its peak of Alaskan operations in 2050. During this time, Antares operatives successfully neutralized the infamous Zhou-Chen family, a Chinese cartel who had established a criminal monopoly in the lower sectors of Juneau. In the present day, the reach of AntaresCorp extends to every continent, and those who need protection count on Antares. During the rapid global warming throughout the mid- to late-21st century, the polar region’s population began to increase drastically as it became temperate -- not too dissimilar to southern Canada over a century ago. The mass immigration of citizens -- a population of under 1 million to above 20 million in a matter of decades -- meant a drastic increase in industrialization, as well as crime. In response to the heightened risk, AntaresCorp began prioritizing and subsidizing the research and development of various weapons systems and autonomous defense systems. Unfortunately, this new focus led to the security force being neglected, and hundreds of operatives walked off. Because of its growing technical prowess, however, the newly-renamed Antares Systems found itself a frequent target of insurgents and East Asian gang members. The consistent barrage of armed militias only drove Tobias Müller to expedite defensive processes and weapons research, while also re-investing funds into the hiring and training of many more contractors. Antares Systems began to rapidly expand in 2058 as an ever-growing paramilitary corporation. Its reach spread around the globe, but nowhere was it as influential as Alaska’s largest city. Anchorage became the epicenter of all Antares-based operations, and the number of global security employees increased to over 100,000. Antares’ research and technological advancements were outsourced to larger corporations for testing and mass production. Antares-made products are bountiful, but exist under other brand names, and thus the name Antares is usually only synonymous with security service.
        In addition to basic security services, Antares Defense operatives are entrusted with the equipment and training required to function as Crisis Response and Disaster Relief units. On-site teams of ADS operatives can be dispatched alongside a city’s local response team or volunteer team to bolster its manpower in any situation. Antares Defense Solutions is equipped with the resources and technology necessary to administer humanitarian aid to survivors of any given disaster, as well as function as an elite Tactical Response Team in order to systematically neutralize a threat at any given time. Antares Systems has a world’s worth of technology and numbers to solve any situation, and will not hesitate to do so if the pay is right. Antares Defense Solutions is willing to work alongside local, federal, and corporate assets to complete their mission.

In 2072, Antares Defense Solutions (subsidiary of Antares Systems) expanded its paramilitary operations to Ukiyo City. There, they remain a top competitor amongst the many security corporations of Japanese Hong Kong.