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Armatech International Armaments is a megacorporation specializing in weapons manufacturing and private military contracting. Armatech is one of the world's largest manufacturers of weapons and military vehicles, with facilities on most continents, with its primary Headquarters set in the State of Texas.


Currently a quoted company, Armatech is certainly sitting near the peak of the mountain in weapons manufacturing, also boasting an impressive private army to boot, the current CEO of Armatech; Artem Tzovitch, has already made his mark in the company's financial history as well as its operational appearances. Having been a Combat service personnel and a close friend of its original founder, Giuseppe Lucciano, after the formers death, they were the replacement to be found wanting.

Already rather popular with the shareholders by increasing the stock value of the corporation by an aggregate 5% in his 4 year stint so far, he has also been rather ruthless and remorseless with Armatech's competition if one is to believe corporate back-chatter, buying out new companies or swamping them with enough legal work to make a judge need a coroner, either way, an effective and brutal face and leader for the Megacorporation.


Initially founded by Giuseppe Lucciano, Armatech began life as a small time arms manufacturer, working on designing a lighter and more combat-proficient set of armaments for combat personnel of the future. Upon having their work tested and reviewed during a contract war, a General within the USDOD decided the fate of Giuseppe, coming to the conclusion that the M-339, the AR that had been the flagship for Armatech, was the right combination of efficient, accurate, deadly and of course, well priced.

From here the Company took off, having enough capital to expand its manufacturing branches, going on to produce; Armour, Combat Suits, Field Drugs, Wetware, Combat Hardware and Vehicles as well as moving into the private security sector.

As the US fell to Internal conflicts, Armatech remained as a double-dealing beacon of neutrality, selling armaments and protection to various corporation who could afford them. During Operation Bleeding Lotus, Armatech's presences was somewhat significant logistically, though supplying a nominal amount of armaments and equipment, very few soldiers were leased out, none are too sure why as the contracts offered up were exceptionally lucrative. It may have been the decision to maintain at least a degree of neutrality in the international conflict, it may have been for more illicit reasons or a sense of pride, none are too sure bar the board of directors and the CEO.

  • Division 1 - Armaments
  • Division 2 - Wetware, Combat suits and Field Drugs
  • Division 3 - Vehicles
  • Division 4 - Sales
  • Division 5 - Corporate Finance
  • Division 6 - Private Security
  • Division 7 - Armatech Armed Forces
  • Division 8 - Armatech Specialised Forces
  • Division 9 - Wetworks
  • Division 10 - Special Projects

Armatech Wetware & Hardware catalogue 2087
  • Cranial - 22 Items
  • Neural - 17 Items
  • Ocular - 23 Items
  • Spinal - 15 Items
  • Upper Extremity - 42 items
  • Torso - 28 Items
  • Internal - 17 Items
  • Lower Extremity - 30 Items
  • External Independant System - 25 Items
  • External Integrated System - 23 Items

AML: Designated as an 'Armatech Military License', needs to be acquired to purchase certain pieces of wetware and weapons from Armatech, typically reserved for Corporation personnel/ Ex-Armatech Military Personnel/Currently Serving Armatech Military Personnel

ASL: Designated as an 'Armatech Surgical Liscense', needs to be acquired to be able to install Armatech-made wetware, Reserved for certified medical personnel, enquire with Armatech representative for more information.

AMSL: Designated as an 'Armatech Military Surgical Liscense', needs to be acquired to be able to install Armatech-made wetware for wetware and hardware under the 'AML' designation, reserved for Corporate personnel and Armatech-sponsored medical professionals.

Cranial Model-ID Descriptor Grade License Required Chipware Price
- A-301 SEC-Defender The Cheapest and one of the earliest models to be found in the Armatech catalogue, with inspiration taken from the reliability and durability of the Kalashnikov Model 47, This helmet was designed for mass-market, intended for low -end security market and amateur protection teams, capable of withstanding a moderate amount of small arms fire, the head-piece is composed of a ceramic-polymer alloy with light Sub-Dermal cranial anchoring, perfect if your looking for something cheap and reliable. D BAML+C3A+SEC 2 $2,000
- A-302 SEC-Guardian The first of Armatech's official 'Security' series, released in the early 2030's, made from a mix of Kevlar weave and folded steel plates, this sturdy helmet is capable of greater ballistic stress than previous models, though provides little protection against anything larger than small arms. initially designed for urban conflicts within city boundaries, this model is perfect for Low-risk Security employment, guaranteed to give you that extra layer in the short, sharp firefights you might fall into. D BAML+C3A+SEC 2 $2,500
- A-303 SEC-Chief The second generation variation of the 'Security' series, now including a full face visor and neck-guard. Improving upon the earlier design 5 years prior, the 'Chief' model comes with an inbuilt HUD displaying fellow security personnel life-signs, and, if linked with any of Armatech's weapons, shows you a life ammunition feed. attempting to shift away from unbalanced and heavy helmets, the 'Chief variant lost the Folded steel from its predecessor in exchange for a lightweight ballistic-resistant polymer, not able to withstand as much stress, but able to withstand slightly higher calibre's up to and including; .45, .44(low-impact) D BAML+C3A+SEC 2 $3,500
- A-1212-SICA Designed for 'Soldiers of the Future', the 'Standard Infantry Cranial Armour' was designed for Division 7 Infantrymen on the battlefields of the future. Combining newer components at the time, including an experimental metal weave, and a steel/tungsten alloy, this robust and hardy piece of equipment saved the lives of many soldiers. Including a full facial covering including light Neck protection and covering, the SICA comes with the tools needed to give our soldiers the leading edge on the battlefield. Features include: Compatibility with Advanced Ocular Wetware, Armatech Combat HUD, Full Weapon integration, Noise dampeners, Automated Polarising glass and last but certainly not least, 2nd Generation filtration systems for Tier 2 and below Chemical and biological agents. D BAML+C5A+COM+AML 5 $10,000
- A-400 Taclite-MK1 When deciding how to market something that could withstand the increase in higher calibre weapons coming into the markets, the Researchers at Division 10 decided to give the public what they needed. Using the shell of a SICA model helmet, with certain components removed, with a focus on efficiency and preventing projectiles from piercing its frame, removing the integrated components, refined ooblek pouches were placed inside for increased durability and protection, now able to withstand fire from calibre's such as 5.56mm and below, if your looking for a helmet designed for nothing but protection, the Taclite-MK1 is for you. C BAML+C3A+SEC 2 $4,000
- A-304 SEC-Protector The Fourth generation of the 'Security' line, the protector does exactly what it says on the tin. Using new for the time Panoramic Camera's, the Protector gives full cranial and facial coverage without the potential weakness of a visor, instead, using a series of micro-camera's, the screen inside generates a 1:1 Realtime video-feed of the surrounding environment, capable of withstanding 5.56 and limit 6.5mm rounds. C BAML+C3A+SEC 2 $6,000
- A-305 SEC-Vanguard Designed initially as an EMT integrated helmet, but scrapped due to a software compatibility error, the prototype was then sent into production for security personnel who had slightly deeper pockets than the average bodyguard. The helmet itself covers the head and half the face, having a 1.5" thick visor to protect the wearers eyes from shrapnel, fragmentation and small calibre's, galvanised in a lightweight alloy, the shell of the helmet was deliberately designed to be lighter yet tough as to be able to not bog down the wearer and provide space for the advanced medical scanners and software that never came to be, able to withstand to 5.56 just about, its exterior made from an organic tissue weave of beetle chitin, making it not only exceptionally durable, but also heat-resistant to a degree. Does not come with a targeting relay, but does come with a LIFELINE, a system able to read basic vitals of those within 50m or less C BAML+C3A+SEC 2 $6,850
- A-1212-AICA The next best Cranial armour for Armatech soldiers, known as 'Advanced Infantry Cranial Armour', designed for military personnel who had passed basic training and had taken the Advanced training Simulation and passed within Armatech's facilities, marking the individual as a more versatile and experienced soldier than their compatriots. Designed with the individuals function and health in mind, the helmet is extraordinarily light in comparison to other Cranial armour on the market, modelled after Crocodile skin, the Integrated Helmet is made up of interlaced polymer's with a carbon-nanotube lining, making for a tough and hard-line helmet, utilises the 'Blind visor' design, meaning it has 2 modes; the first being where the entire face is covered with an internal video and audio system much like the A-304 'Protector', yet it comes with an MIU, a device used to connect squads together to monitor their location, vitals and even ammunition count, Comes with Generation 2 Forward-facing Infrared as well as a weapon smart-link system and HUD. Can withstand 5.56, 6.8 and even small amounts of 7.62 C BAML+C5A+COM+AML 5 $12,000
- A-1212-STCA Less advanced than the A-1212 AICA, but makes up for it and more frontal design, not having the 2 tier vision system, instead replacing the electronics with more layers of armour and ooblek, the STCA, or 'Shock Trooper Cranial Armour' was designed primarily or building clearing and urban environments, being able to withstand solid slug rounds found primarily in the shotguns of the future, able to withstand 7.62mm more so than the 'AICA', though it sacrifices the features of the 'AICA'. Contains a smart-link HUD and Squad-link connection. C BAML+C5A+COM+AML 5 $15,000
- A-888 'Shoot-Me-Not' Humorously named the 'Shoot-me-not' this helmet takes the components of the AICA and removes the complex electronics, the armour itself comes with no systems or HUD, designed for the consumer market, though, to ensure proper shock absorption, the wetware comes in with spinal dampeners, implants designed to absorb the shock of a round to the helmet, preventing muscular injury or bone fractures, a customer favourite to be sure. C BAML+C3A+SEC 2 $8,000
- A-401 Taclite-MK2 Using a slightly larger chassis than the 'Taclite-MK1', the MK2 utilises an GM weave of silk, designed to not only prevent calibre's up to .45, but also to prevent bladed attacks, capable of even withstanding a fair amount of consumer grade Katana's for a few blows. Comes with a hardened tri-weave steel jacket that will protect up to 7.62 with average durability, comes with a basic HUD and smart-link system. B BAML+C4A+SEC 3 $20,000
- A-111 Rhino When you absolutely, cannot afford to have anything so much as scratch your head unless you want it to, the A-111 is a beast of a piece of wetware, need it's own stabilisers to even fit it, plated in galvanised tungsten alloy with enhanced carapace protection, the 'Rhino' comes with a full facial cover using 2 HDD cameras with a ballistic coating to stream a 0ms delay to the wearer and give optimum performance during combat, able to withstand both up to 7.62mm and low-impact solid slug projectiles. B BAML+C4A+SEC 3 $28,000
- A-1213 D8-CECA Inquire with Armatech representative B BAML+C6+COM+AML 5 $40,000
- A-407 SEC-Sentinel While less bulky and armoured than the 'Rhino' Variant, the Sentinel is currently the finest Cranial wetware in the 'Security' Series, Taking the best parts from prior series, able to withstand up to 7.62mm as point-blank 64g Buckshot, the Creme de la Creme of the security series, coming with an unique electronic tagging relay, allowing the user to keep track of movement of combatants as well as VIP's being escorted, comes with the standard Armatech Smart-link HUD and vital monitoring system known as LIFELINE allowing the user ot read vitals of individuals within 50m. B BAML+C4A+SEC 3 $35,000
- A-402 Taclite-MK3 Identical to the MK2 variant though with improved ballistic absorption technologies, allowing the wearer to withstand up to 5.56 and fully engineered blades. A BAML+C5A+SEC 3 $36,000
- A-89 Viper Initially designed for law enforcement, the 'Viper' comes with ballistic resistant materials tested up to 7.62, 64g buckshot and high-impact slugs, also comes with the Smart-link system and Gen-3 FLIR A BAML+C5A+SEC+POL 3 $43,000
- AX-013-AFR Designed and used almost exclusively by the 'Advanced Forward Reconnaissance' division within Armatech, while rumoured to be a part of both division 8 and 9, the ARF is nothing short of a masterpiece, Tailored to withstand calibre's up to 7.62mm and fragmentation rounds, the real strength of the ARF is the technology inside it, coming with Gen 5 FLIR, Thermal imaging and motion detection, audio dampeners and basic EWS, can also have the squad-link variant, also comes with a Smart-link HUD and integrated shock-dampeners, Helmet uses 2-vision system, utilising full facial coverage for covert use and open canopy for overt use. A BAML+C6A+SEC+COM+AML 6 $75,000
- A-403 Taclite-MK4 Designed with Durability in mind, using the traditional Taclite chassis, the MK4 is the boulder to Indiana Jones, an almost unstoppable boundary between you and hot, hot lead, so tough you could almost headbutt bullets out the air (this is not recommended). Built with a tungsten weave and last generation carapace weave, while this is not designed to withstand engineered blades, it is able to withstand most pistol calibre's barring .50, furthermore is ballistic tested up to 5.56, 7.62, 6.8, 6.8 High velocity, Solid slug projectiles. S BAML+C6A+SEC 4 $55,000
- A-1213 D8-SISOCA Inquire with Armatech representative S BAML+C7A+SEC+COM+AML 6 $95,000
- AX-500-Hoplite Inquire with Armatech representative S1 BAML+C7A+SEC+COM+AML 6 $105,000
- AX-77-Praetorian Inquire with Armatech representative S1 BAML+C7A+SEC+COM+AML 6 $115,000
- A-404 Taclite-MK5 Current generation Taclite model, using a unique combination of polymer, experimental alloys and tungsten strands to create a fiendishly tough cranial headpiece, allows the wearer to withstand all MK4 ballistic tested weapons, Engineered blades of up to a standard military quality, and up to 2-3 rounds of high velocity .50 and .408 depending on area's hit, includes Gen 7 shock absorbers S1 BAML+C7A+SEC+COM 6 $60,000
- A-704-Argus Inquire with Armatech representative S1 BAML+C7A+SEC+COM+AML 6 $125,000

Neural Model-ID Descriptor Grade License Required Price
- A-308 SEC SCC-Gen 1 The earliest product available in our Security line, the chip itself tailored and designed to be fitted with the A-301- A-303, programmed with rudimentary combat training, Bodygaurd and protection tactics taken from the early days of Armatech, while not the current generation, still a useful piece of equipment for low-threat security roles C SEC $4,000
- A-309 SEC SCC-Gen 2 Entering testing in the early 2050's as the increase in demand for protection and security with a less militaristic focus, the Security Combat Chip, 2nd generation was a hit with the public, hitting record sales in its first month of release. It built upon the core principles of the Gen 1, improving on the somewhat outdated but useful training embedded within it. Instead being designed for urban environments, teaching the individual vital lessons about spacing, Route-processing, useful environmental features and brand new AV and ground-car protection formations. Even in the year 2087, this remains one of our most popular product for its applicable knowledge and price range C SEC $5,500
- A-700 MCA-Takedown Designed initially as a one off for an up and coming Martial artist, the 'Mixed Combat Arts-takedown' chip was compiled using simulations of a variety of effective and basic moves, designed purely to incapacitate and subdue opponents without the need for lethality, the trainings imbued by this chip having been taken from a combination of Judo, Wing Chun and Thai kickboxing C None $8,000
- A-1212 SICC Armatech's 'Standard Infantry Combat Chip' a current generation combat chip, designed to be directly implanted into the A-1212 SICA. The chip itself contains the basic real-time 6-month basic training given to Armatech Standard infantry in their training curriculum, whilst devoid of the physical aspect, individuals able to purchase this will be given the state of the art in urban and desert warfare, ranging from fireteam trainings, basic B&C and even basic first aid training, the newest and finest addition to the chip being the condensed one month trigger discipline program, designed to make sure your round connect where you need them to. Also includes Basic hand to hand combat training programs. C COM+AML $12,000
- A-1212 AICC Tailored exclusively for the Advanced infantry in Armatech, this chip incorporates everything inside the A-1212 SICC and adds just a little more, loaded with a powerful processor, combined with your neural intake of the battlefield, this chip will suggest movements and tactics for you and your allies to follow, giving you the best chance of survival and victory in combat, also comes with advanced Hand to Hand combat training including; Knife combat and our selection of Systema techniques designed to end your opponents as effectively and as quickly as possible. B COM+AML $22,000
- A-310 SEC SCC-Gen 3 the final piece of chipware in the 'SEC' specific line in Armatech, designed initially for Close protection and high risk security details, the contents including advanced firearms and hand to hand combat training, Tri-neural processing and a plethora of tactics related to high-risk security such as; hostage situations, vehicular protection, multiple armed combatants all supplanted within the neural pathways of the wearer B SEC $9,000
- A-7707 RC Armatech's only chip to not contain Combat-orientated Data, The RC also known as the 'Ripper Chip' was designed for the needs of street clinic's more commonly known as 'Ripper-Docs', allows a seamless interface with the A-2002 Tesseract, a device utilised by some of the highest end Ripper-docs a city can offer, allows the installation of both Armatech wetware as well as 99.9% of other known wetware, a must have for the ripper-docs of the future. B ASL $11,000
- A-2066 JTRI-C Enquire with Armatech Representative, Government officials only B COM+SEC+POL $20,000
- A-2080 HTT-C Manufactured exclusively for the 'Trauma Team' division of the Helios corporation, incorporating not only Urban warfare tactics as well as small to medium arms training, but also comes with a custom-tailored library of medical conditions and identifiers to help save individuals who are injured or otherwise, links exclusively with the A-305 Sec Vanguard. B Restricted listing, please enquire with Armatech representative with written authorisation from a Helios representative N/A
- A-1212 STCC Designed to interface with the A-1212 STCA, this piece of chipware was designed for our close quarters specialists, once acquired and inserted, the STCC will upload and imprint a variety of skills useful to the Armatech Shock Trooper, including but not limited to; High proficiency with Shotgun-based weaponry, hand to hand combat, hand to hand disarming, a plethora of training simulations to play out a variety of combat-tested and recorded situations, comes with the SICC programs installed allowing the individual to move from one chip to the other without issues. A COM+AML $24,000
- A-911 MTTC Made exclusively for the various elite police divisions of the world, initially designed for the feared and highly elite MAX-TAC squads sent to deal with the most dangerous individuals and crimes, this tactical performance chip comes suited with many skills a member of one of these groups desires. Understanding that back-street and illegal gangoons can get their hands on potential military hardware, the rise of Cyberpsycosis cases is on the rise and hence MAX-TAC and similar groups are to be found wanting. This chip contains a library of simulated scenarios involving these individuals, all the way from effectively disabling, neutralising or capturing these individuals, the chip also contains some of the training exercises given to Armatech special operations operatives, namely hostage training, Small arms marksmanship training and a full course of Russian Systema A SEC+COM+POL $40,000
- AX-013 ARCC Designed exclusively for the Specialist 'Advanced reconnaissance Force' found in Division 8 of Armatech, this chip focusses on skillsets used by these individuals, ranging from avoiding detection, observational skills, advanced Handgun training as well as Armatech's current generation of Marksmanship simulations and training programs, designed to turn the user into a quiet and effective precision tool, due to its specialised nature, it does not have the rounding of the SICC or AICC, but the skills the chip imparts surpasses most other chipware options in its field. A COM+AML $45,000
- A-0200 Cascadia Defender Initially created as a product designed specially for the Supermax prison to the east of Cascadia, the 'Cascadia Defender' is a unique chip designed specifically to handle violent riots or inmates, uploaded with simulated knowledge of real-time recorded riots and suppressions, allowing the wearer to take in and process tactics as the situation unfolds. For use outside of the incarceration sector, it has been applied to security for the use of suppressing civilians in the line of duty, often looked at as a controversial chip as it is designed to combat civilian activists or combatants, comes with a mixture of Judo and systema techniques as well as Level 3 small to medium arms training A SEC $38,000
- A-381 Mil-Tac during a plethora of Armed Conflict excursions, Armatech noted a rise in fledgling mercenary and PMC groups, with the demand for their services and the increase in well equipped but poorly trained operators grew, Armatech manufactured a previous gen combat and awareness chip for the PMC's of 2077, loaded with the previous training protocols for Armatech-sponsored PMC's S COM $36,000
- 1213 D8-CEFC Inquire with Armatech representative S COM+AML $60,000
- A-1007 ASP-C Named after the fast-striking and lethal serpent, the ASP is the very best of what Armatech has to offer in Security Chipware. Combining choice picks from our security trainings as well as selected options from our Military training centre's, the 'Advanced Security and Protection' chip is the ONLY combat chip readily available to the unvetted public with combat trainings on it, including basic training given to the Armatech infantry as well as the Breach and Clear protocols found in the A-1212 STCC, and, as the maraschino cherry on top of this cocktail of tactical knowledge, we even threw in a 2 month condensed training simulation on Krav Maga, a forgotten but exceptionally lethal art first developed by the IDF to combat threats to the state. S SEC+COM $48,000
- AX-500 Hoplite CC Inquire with Armatech representative S1 COM+AML $90,000
- A-1213 SFC Inquire with Armatech representative S1 COM+AML $125,000
Ocular Model-ID Descriptor Grade Liscenses Required Required
- A-801 NVG-Gen1 Example Example Example Example
- A-802 NVG-Gen2 Example Example Example Example
- A-803 NVG-Gen3 Example Example Example Example
- A-804 GPNVG-Gen4 Example Example Example Example
- A-305 Vanguard MED/SCAN Optics Example Example Example Example
- A-1212 SIO Example Example Example Example
- A-676 Hunter Example Example Example Example
- A-833 HCO Example Example Example Example
- A-1988 Predator Example Example Example Example
- A-1212 AIO Example Example Example Example
- A-911 MTO Example Example Example Example
- A-6066 'Bale Eye' Example Example Example Example
- A-4327 ML-OR Example Example Example Example
- A-0012 Atlas Example Example Example Example
- A-1212 STCCO Example Example Example Example
- A-0007 Djinn-Skein Example Example Example Example
- A-0298 IO Example Example Example Example
- A-013 ARO Example Example Example Example
- A-1213 CEOL Example Example Example Example
- A-XXXX Bespoke Example Example Example Example
- AX-0003 Wotan Example Example Example Example
- AX-500 Hoplite Example Example Example Example
- A-1213 SFO Example Example Example Example
- A-704 Argus Optics Example Example Example Example