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Australia is a Continent, going by the same name of the former colony of the Kingdom of Britannia. Until 2035. Australia was known for its vast and varied wildlife species, not seen anywhere else in the world, as well as the people, celebrities, lingo, and environments. Its major export was metal ores and other raw resources.

Collapse of Australia

The Collapse of Australia was an event triggered by global climate change. Rapid desertification, as well as invasive species, triggered a continent-wide collapse of all biomes, and little wildlife survived the change. Hardy and adaptable species such as the saltwater crocodile, most ants, wasps, spiders, and other reptiles would survive while the famous marsupials would now only exist in zoos. 89 per cent of Australia is now strictly uninhabitable desert, with the scraps of civilization are fought over by warring tribes.

Inhabited Australia

Despite its rapid and intense desertification, and near-uninhabitability, a large amount of people still live on the continent, mostly divided between three groups.


The Kingdom of Britannia still has sway in south Australia, as well as the island of Tasman for naval basing purposes as well as forays into further exploitation of Australia's resources. Victoria holds the majority of Australia's citizens.

New California

The Commonwealth of New California, formerly the coastal regions of Queensland, was an organized incorporated territory of the United States of America, speculated to become one of America's states. However, this would not last long, as only 18 years after its capture in the First Anglo-American War it was largely evacuated due to the collapse, cutting its population by nearly a quarter. New California was disbanded with the rest of the Union in 2058. The former territory of New California is still inhabited by Australian wastelanders to this day.


Assembly is an independent, insular, A.I.-majority anarchist commune located in the north Australian Wasteland.