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Fuki-Mumei is centered around privacy, intimacy and freedom. This network runs on a custom browser built to navigate these special .fmn websites.

OOC information: (Fuki-Mumei is a hidden network of netrunners that work together to solve jobs for either services or money in exchange. It is a community of sorts. To enter the network of hidden darknet sites, they require to have the Fuki_Browser or a browser created/modified with the ability to browse .fmn sites. Take note that someone without the proper protection of your own information, like what you share online can lead you to be tracked. However the browser itself is made so that you could have the bare average for protection and anonymity.)

[TL:DR this works a bit similar to irl’s TOR browser and the darkweb irl.]

Welcome to Fuki_Browser!

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_________________________________________ | Welcome to the Fuki-Mumei Network! | | Here to pay a visit to the liberating | | community? (Y/N) | ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯


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__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About: Fuki Mumei is a network conceived to group together a lot of people with the same ideals. We strive to regain the liberty of the human in this forsaken dystopian and cruel world. In this reality where it’s a survival of the fittest, we aim to attain privacy and intimacy. Fuki Mumei is also a network of people with expertise in programming and coding. We send out a variety of jobs that our users can accept in exchange for service in return or money. Users can also request their own jobs, that other users or our staff team if deemed necessary can partake in. The network is also designed to work around intimacy and the freedom of speech while not being censored. As long as it doesn’t breach someone else’s liberty, we will not take any action. This place is not a playground for kids, it’s an environment meant as a community for adults and like-minded people to group together.

Our ethic code is as it follows, but not limited to:

()It is recommended to hack your own augments through SysRATs or PhantomCables. That way, companies cannot track you over your own augments.

()It is recommended to use the Fukibuki_OS (with built in Fuki_browser) that launches on a flashdrive. The OS encrypts your drive data along with providing you with our home-made vpn. It’s free, as well.

()It is recommended to avoid sharing information about the Fuki-Mumei network to untrustworthy people. Keep it secret. While aware that secrets are not kept forever, it is of everyone’s interest who uses this site to remain safe and anonymous.

()It is recommended to put effort in hiding your tracks or playing it smart while doing a job or ‘netrunning’. The less clues you give to the government, the more we gain an advance on our goals.

()It is recommended to not be a rat or a snake. If it happens that any of our /staff team/ comes into knowledge that you’ve done such, I cannot guarantee your safety or anything. If you want nothing to do with this network, then do so. But keep shut about it and our users here.

()It is recommended to use jerem0’s email service that works through the Fuki_browser. Ex: iggylagoon@jerem.fmn

Here are some resources to start as a new apprentice of FMN or as a new netrunner:






This sums it up, if you have any questions please contact: jerem0@jerem.fmn

We are currently accepting recruits, forward a request to the following email and instructions will be given. takisto@jerem.fmn