Sino-British Pact

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The Sino-British Pact, officially the Pact for the Restoration of Chinese and British Reverence is an imperial alliance between the Kingdom of Britannia and Republic of China, proposed in 2041. The pact is a devotion to each to assist in restoring the Honor and devotion shown by the rest of the world towards the respective nations, before the outbreak of the Great War, and the beginning of the humiliation of the Chinese Empire.


The pact was proposed in 2041 by the British ambassador to Beijing, however, it was not accepted immediately by the Chinese; Britannia's role in the beginning of Chinese subjugation was far from ignored, and the British government offered apologies for its actions in the Opium Wars, the occupation of Hong Kong, and the British expedition to Tibet. The Chinese government accepted the apologies, but demanded a proof of dedication to the Chinese cause.

Proof of dedication came in the form of British assistance in maintaining stability over the Indochinese territories, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. The area was thick with rebellions at the time, and the British provided immense support towards the Chinese police forces, including a policy of lend-lease, to bring modern equipment to the impoverished law enforcement. The government declared the assistance a suitable proof of dedication, and the pact was signed by Beijing in 2043.

A statement by the President later that week announced the end of the Two Centuries of Humiliation, promising that the alliance with the reformed British would lead to uncontested Chinese dominion over East Asia.