The Triumvirate

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The Triumvirate is a MegaCorp unlike any other - and is actually three, massive MegaCorps, that work in tandem. Maintaining one of the biggest workforces along with acting as the largest employment program in Cascadia, The Triumvirate is responsible for nearly anything that starts with the prefix "Cas."

Formed out of a large group of engineers and developers around the time of Formation Day, The Triumvirate is the sole governing force, a trio of mysterious MegaCorps whom control the entirety of The The Pacific States of Cascadia.

And - despite having a massive humanoid workforce, The Triumvirate operates almost completely autonomously, through a series of massive data farms, data centers, and troves upon troves of entire buildings filled with server stacks. Controlling everything from laws, economics to society's culture itself. The Triumvirate is a near outright automated system of checks and balances that maintains a constant grasp over society itself. Being an immobile force, yet an unstoppable one - The Triumvirate has amassed a rather large amount of synthetic workers - entitled FedTechs. These randomized, automatically generated, near-emotionless beings act as the hands, feet, mouth, and eyes of The Triumvirate - willing to do its bidding in order to run the nation.