Balkanization of The United States

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The Balkanization of the United States is the name for the formal dissolution of the United States and its subsequent reshaping via border conflict and territorial acquisitions, which is usually considered to have lasted from 2055 to 2065. Though it is not a part of the United States, the Canadian Division is generally considered a part of the Balkanization of The United States.

The Balkanization of The United States is considered to have begun with Formation Day in 2055, and ended with the formation of the New England Occupation Zone in 2065.


The Balkanization of the United States was caused by a plethora of societal, natural, and political pressures. The continued onslaught of climate change's effects ravaged America, who saw large portions of its land become undesirable at best, and uninhabitable at worst. International pressure from the Kingdom of Britannia becoming a larger world superpower than the United States ever could've hoped, while still holding a grudge against America from the First Anglo-American War, which ultimately culminated in the Second Anglo-American War. And the people's overall disillusionment with the power of the United States.

Map of North America, 2087

// I was dissatisfied with how I made North America look on the world map, so instead I'm going to post maps here that much more accurately reflect the actual territories I was going for on the world map. Please excuse their messiness and the general lack of polish, I did the best I could. - Danku-chan



The Divided Countries

These are the nations of North America in 2087, after many years of squabbling and territorial disputes.