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CSEC (Cascadian Security Enforcement Company) were a player-faction that held the role of the Police, in Chromed Out: 2085, the first iteration of Chromed Out. They functioned as law enforcement, as well as the judiciary branch of Cascadia's government, run by The Triumvirate.


A human-run MegaCorp created by The Triumvirate itself, it was soon realized that after consolidating all of human life into massive UrbSprawls - that organizing a traditional police force would be nearly impossible - primarily due to the lack of jurisdiction areas, and counties.

What was created in its place, was CSEC - a massively expansive, flexible security force, dedicated to maintaining order in an ironically disorderly society.

Outfitted with some of the best gear that runs amok in the streets today - turns out that when you give a normal human being a badge and a gun, and a little bit of training, you can get some pretty decent results.

CSEC comes in a few different flavors. PTRL, TAC, HVYTAC, ADMN, BLACKLIGHT, and CIVCON.

It's very rare that you come across a PTRL member that has extensive training - and if they do, they're usually synthetic. Considered largely to be the 'Redshirts' of the Corp, these guys are the ones that typically mill around the streets, on foot, and in cruiser. They live on a diet of ID-checks, and general harassment. More often than not - any standard altercation including them winds up going awry, or escalating to TAC.

TAC is the next step up - while technically members of PTRL - these guys are slightly more trained, more educated, than the standard PTRL personnel. They're usually called in when it's time for a bit of electronic warfare - or when someone with heavier armor, better tactics, and more powerful weaponry is needed. While they're seen patrolling the streets for any Augged-out nutjob willing to cause trouble in the streets, they're typically not the first responders. Sometimes, these individuals act as in-house personnel, in the way a corrections officer would. Most of the time, they're the ones you call, when the standard PTRL response simply doesn't cut it - due to the widespread availability of augmentation.

HVYTAC is the third and final escalation in the PTRL ladder. Used only in extreme cases, these guys are usually kept on-call, much like minutemen were. There's not much that can stand up against HVYTAC personnel, including someone who's gone fully CyberPsychotic. Most personnel in HVYTAC, are individuals who have suffered from CyberPsychosis at one point in their lives, themselves - but were recovered, and now understand what it truly takes to go up against one.

ADMN are essentially armed paper-pushers. Usually the more intelligent in the bunch, these individuals go to a secondary academy, as opposed to a typical BRT - Basic Recruit Training - that most personnel attend. These individuals typically keep to CSEC buildings, and most of their actual field work is comprised of being on-site at crime scenes, for the purpose of analysis, as well as delivering verdicts. They're the ones that typically handle logistical paperwork, and validate permits and licenses, for the populations of the UrbSprawls, as well as take reports from civilians. When you imagine a face behind the expansive array of CCTV cameras - you're usually imagining the face of ADMN personnel. These individuals also handle court proceedings - as the justice system of Cascadia is more or less handled in bench trial format - meaning that there is no required jury, and due process occurs in a closed-off court setting, much like the USA, where an ADMN who is specifically assigned to Judge duties is present, as well as the defendant, plaintiff, and their lawyers.

BLACKLIGHT is a different breed. Being completely plainclothes, and carrying no badge number, these individuals are kept off-the-books, for the most part. Their standard directive is to either sniff out crime that would be difficult for normal, uniformed officers to do - or to track down Offliners, or go undercover. It's a dangerous life for BLACKLIGHT - some undergoing illegal augmentation themselves in order to gain access to the notorious ranks of boostergangs, or handle dangerous drugs, or themselves get involved in gang warfare. It's not very often that individuals are put into this position, and typically, these individuals tend to be fully synthetic, as to avoid having to hire, or promote pre-existing individuals who are already known to be CSEC personnel. Sometimes, these individuals wind up working exclusively in SprawlNET's VRSpace.

CIVCON are civilian contractors. Typically hired for the express purpose of tedious office-work, manual labor, mechanical work, augmentation work, or analysis, these vetted individuals hold no authority over the general populace.