Falcon Corporation

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Falcon Corporation


Falcon Corporation, a globally traded security Mega Corporation on the TRIGSE, is primarily a global provider of sustainable security, weaponry, and training.


Falcon Corporation's current Chief Executive Officer is Leo Dvorzhetskiy. Not much is known about him besides that he is known to be in his late seventies. He is only heard from within internal shareholder teleconferences. Leo Dvorzhetskii is the father of the company's Chief Operations Officer, Dmitriy Leovich 'Sokol' Dvorzhetskiy who is more commonly heard, seen, and known for handling day-to-day operations.


Falcon Corporation has secured numerous contracts in various cities, their largest of which to date contained within Cascadia. Falcon Corporation grew rapidly during the year 2085 due to their popularity with their customers in providing state-of-the-art rapid response security teams to any subscription paying civilian. Falcon Corporation was able to provide faster response times than Cascadia's Cascadia-Security (commonly known as 'CSEC') about 99% of the time. Falcon Corporation was eventually awarded the primary contract for peacekeeping and law enforcement within the city of Cascadia. Which, according to the TRIGSE, increased Falcon Corporation's stock value by 67% over a period of 14 hours.