The Voidmover

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The "CLV Voidmover" was a large-scale, corporate vessel, designed by HELIOS, and made to hold roughly 60,000 individuals, in what would be considered a "city-in-the-sky" type of ship. It was generally built as a place to be governed, staffed, and generally lived in for very long periods of time, by staff members of the HELIOS Corporation. It's creation and construction was meant to be a showcase to show people the full capabilities of HELIOS construction drone abilities.

Current Events

The Voidmover is still currently, in orbit above the earth. There has been very little contact with The Voidmover, and The Triumvirate has placed a large "no-fly zone" around the ship, in order to black-out any and all media reporting, and unauthorized visits. Not much is currently known about what has been happening there.

The Crisis

Please refer to The Voidmover Crisis for more details on this particular event.